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2-3 May 2017 - Riyadh KSA
9-11 May 2017 - Jeddah KSA
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The Story of the CSMP!

 The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) is the #1 Social Media - Strategy Based – Certification program within the Middle East & Africa (MEA); accredited from few institutions within USA, UK& UAE. The CSMP has been initially introduced to the market during the year 2011. The CSMP has been designed on a well sustained methodology of KNOW-HOW and next minute action to achieve the target of CONVERSION!

The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) focuses on building the best/profitable/measured and well defined Social Media Marketing STRATEGY to deploy throughout the big Social Media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Google AdWords) and make use of their Social & Viral power to achieve your business goals.

Attending the CSMP helps you to BUILD your STRATEGY and achieve the CONVERSION of RESULTS. That can be Publicity, Leads, Sales and Community Building.

The Best Certified Social Media Strategy Based Program since 2011


The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP©) is our most popular program that consistently receives the top scores from participants. It is specialized in the Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing for companies of all sizes and industries.

The CSMP© is facilitated by the International Digital Marketing expert, Dr. Ahmed Saber who has over 15 years of experience in professional speaking and practical training. He is also a digital media consultant for a group of the biggest companies within the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. This comprehensive certification program - CSMP© - is packed with useful, actionable information that will put you on the path to success and results! All delegates will receive social media planning templates, free PDFs, downloads, action plans and everything you need from a start to finish as to create a successful social media plan that sells and generate revenues.

Program Speaker

About Dr. Ahmed Saber
Dr. Ahmed Saber is a professional Business consultant for many well-known local, regional and International organizations, helping them in the areas of business management, marketing, new Media, Human Resources (HR) and business communications. He offers a broad portfolio of Marketing, New Media and Business Communication solutions to help worldwide clients to improve their business performance and efficiency. Saber's core portfolio comprises E-Marketing, iPR and New Media professional services, as well as creative content development and provisioning services. As leading step, Saber has established the International E-Marketing Association (IEA) to support worldwide businesses and relevant agencies and organizations to follow the E-Marketing standards as to assure the best quality for deliverables and E-Marketing deployment in different fields and businesses.

Saber has been nominated during the year 2007 for "Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal" by the Europe Business Assembly as the exclusive selected entrepreneur representing the Middle East in the field of "E-Business" for his achievements.

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The Best Certified Social Media Strategy Based Program since 2011

The CSMP is a handmade genuine program, well designed and internationally accredited with next action impact on your


The CSMP has been designed to acheive the the following three main strategically pillars:

  • Strategize Social Media Capabilities
  • Gain and Sustain

  • Build your business Social Media Strategy (measurable/profitable)
  • High Quality geniune material
  • FREE Templates
  • FREE Book

  • Hot topics that you essentially need to improve your business life
  • High quality training material
  • Interactive discussions
  • This is a

The CSMP certification program unlocks your Social Media marketing capabilities and knowledge to score the best use of the social media networks and POWER of viral with unlimited possibilities


  • How to Build a Strategy?
  • Characteristics and Hot-Spots of the Big Networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter,
    Linked-in, Google

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