Alumni Testimonials

Ahmed Shaikh
This is truly a historic moment, it's a first. We are deeply honoured and proud to be the alumni of MILE's first program. MILE has really positioned itself as a leading executive program in the heart of the Muslim World

Ahmed Shaikh
AbdulAziz Ismael AbdulAziz
First of all, I am very proud to be a part of this program. I am pleased by the variety of speakers, the variety of topics, and also the location. Thank you for taking me to Madinah for one week

AbdulAziz Ismael AbdulAziz Executive Director, Saudi Institute for Retail Sales & Marketing
Hoosam Shawki Malek
I can't wait to go back home and tell everyone what a wonderful experience it was to be here. The staff and team were one of the best I have ever seen

Hoosam Shawki Malek Manager BCP Securities
Walid Heneini

It has been an outstanding event on the level of the organization, on the level of speakers, and level of participants. I must also say that MILE is an added value to the business industry in Saudi".

"I must say, from my past experience in organizing few events and in participating in many others, that your PALM 1 program is second to none

Walid Heneini Advisor HUTA Hegerfield
Abdulbadie Al-Yafi
It was really an honour for me to be a part of the first MILE, and InshAllah there will be many Miles to come….. I think that many other financial institutions in the region will be eager to join the next sessions. There is a lot of added value in these two weeks and InshAllah the future programs will be more valuable

Abdulbadie Al-Yafi Manager National Commercial Bank
Abdulhadi Chalak
It was a very 'complete' experience. It was very holistic, and much more than just academia. I had the privelage to be with an elite group of people

Abdulhadi Chalak Manager, American University Of Beirut
Raed Monagel
PALM helped me knowing the inside story of life and discovering the best out of myself as well as the best practices that leaders need to know. I am proud being in the first batch and proud to say that there is a MILE distance between the old and the New me.

Raed Monagel Director, Savola Panda
Zakaria Aakil
Congratulations for living up to the challenge for developing and running a world class executive program on the land of the prohet (pbuh). I personally enjoyed the course and was impressed by the quality and amount of hard work put behind it..Very well done!

Zakaria Aakil General Manager, Savola Egypt
Tageldin Osman
I learned the language of this program. I think the program has a very clear vision and its all about people, product and profit. This is a non profitable institution, and the product(s) of this program were these people (participants). I am quite sure that these people will be the leaders of their companies and will really drive their companies to success. Without these people, we can't achieve our visions and values

Tageldin Osman Director Saudi Binladin Group
Mohamed Awad
I am sure that in the near future, we will hear about MILE and that it has achieved something big…

Mohamed Awad Systems Administrator Enppi
Abood Al Sawafi
I am really pleased to be one of the late applicants to this program and to be selected. If I process this program, I think there are three criteria. The first, are the applicants of the program who have been with us, they are an excellent group of students. Second, the quality of the speakers who came, and the third, is the organization, and I think they have done a fantastic job!

Abood Al Sawafi Chief Executive Sohar University
Mohammed Amra
We have been exposed to a young generation of leaders who understand business and how the world works. The program itself was excellent and a tremendous initiative… the future can only be better

Mohammed Amra Chairman ImpressKids