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High Performance Goverments (HPG)

High Performance Goverments (HPG)

There is a general perception that public leaders have not been able to meet the growing expectations of the masses. The public demands are getting more and more challenging, but they easily get disillusioned when they face the reality, causing further problems for the governments. Therefore, if a government is determined to provide first class services to its public, it has to introduce massive reforms by redesigning the system and addressing the deficiencies it entails.

Keeping in view the challenges encountered by the governments in OIC world, the Madinah Institute for Leadership and Management (MILE) has introduced a Leadership Program, Higher Performance Governments (HPG) for senior civil and public service leaders. This program has especially been tailored to the needs and context of developing nations with particular focus on OIC world.  

The program offers an interactive forum to the high level public servants coming from across the globe to discuss major public policy challenges, most important of which are:

  •  How to utilize the limited resources to meet the increasing public demands
  • Economic growth and productivity
  • Effective utilization of tax payers' money
  • Fighting corruption and improving transparency
  • Developing strategies to capitalize technological advancements
  • Talent retention.

The road to the future for governments in OIC words is narrow, uneven and tortuous. The lack of government sector reforms to surmount rising public aspirations has contributed a lot towards current economic crisis that has led to the movements like Arab Spring in the region. Therefore, it is the best time for the highest level government officials to plan and act accordingly. By joining Higher Performance Governments (HPG), they can learn how to overcome the challenges that prevent their governments to perform as per public expectations.

Program Benefits:

HPG is a one week program that empowers senior government officials to achieve a high performing government by addressing the core problems that governments in the OIC world encounter nowadays. HPG offers pragmatic solutions, fresh thinking, proven frameworks and successful regional case studies, delivered by some of the leading governance specialists and faculty members, to participants.

  • By attending HPG, attendees will be able to:
  •  Analyze the macro and micro trends sculpting the future governments.
  • Understand the strategic triangle: How to innovate public policies. 
  • Familiarize with latest tools offering “just to fit solutions.”
  • Analyze how various governments are performing brilliantly at local, regional and international level. 
  • Comprehend the role of governments in developing competitive advantage for the nations.

Who Should Attend?

The purpose of HPG is to equip senior civil/public service leaders with the latest tools and technique to run their governments efficiently and successfully. The program is especially beneficial for the following.

  • Director or Deputy Director Generals
  • Ministers and Deputy Ministers from all sectors of the government
  • High Impact and Fast Track Potential Leaders with more than 10 years of experience in their respective industry.

You could access previous HPG program details by clicking on the following link:

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