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Higher Performance Telecom (HPT)

Higher Performance Telecom (HPT)

The global telecommunication industry has experienced a lot of changes in recent years and the development seems to have no bounds. Currently, the industry operates under the burden of new transformational challenges and Telecommunication decision makers and executives need to understand the scenario sooner rather than later to make key decisions for keeping their organizations on the right path.

Extracting value out of rapidly changing market is one of the key problems Telecommunication executives encounter nowadays. They need to formulate high level targeted strategy and market tactics to determine the pricing strategy and optimal positioning of their organizations by correctly forecasting market  developments.

Higher Performance Telecom (HPT):

The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) organizes a leadership program, High Performance Telecom (HPT) for senior executives and corporate leaders from the Telecom industry. Telecom industry actually occupies an outlier position when it comes to cutting costs on existing processes while also working on the new business models simultaneously.

Similarly, the majority of CEOs are confident that their business revenue will increase by 12% in coming years because they are more optimistic about the prospects of their companies’ growth than ever before. The optimism has its roots in the resilient performance of the industry in the economic downturn and it is expected to perform even better when the economy of the region is comparatively stable.

The High Performance Telecom (HPG) is a one of its kind Executive Education program that has especially been designed to help senior Telecom executives to meet their needs in the best manner possible by covering the below critical areas and market pains.

  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • Service and Revenue Models
  • Operational Excellence
  • Market Positioning and Customer Retention
  • Formulating and Maintaining an Effective Strategy to Achieve Competitive Advantage

HPT Benefits:

The Telecom CEOs fully recognize various strategic challenges, such as changing consumer behavior and technological innovations, confronting their businesses. HPT enables them to stay ahead of the competition by equipping them with the latest tools and techniques prevalent in Telecom industry.

Following are the key learning objective of organizing HPT.

  • Learn more about formulating telecom strategy and decision making in the dynamic global environment.
  • Developing robust telecom products and services that your customers want to buy.
  • How to determine optimum organizational positioning within this ever changing industry?
  • Learn about acquisitions and mergers in the telecom industry.
  • Familiarize with key digital capabilities that every executive must have to attain market leadership in Telecom industry.

HPT offers pre-program online assessments, one-on-one executive coaching, post event resources such as free webinars and collection of bestselling books on leadership to the participants, ensuring lifelong learning and continuous development. Similarly, the attendees are also awarded with the Certificate of Completion endorsed by IIC, UK at the end of the program.

Who Should Attend?

HPT offers an exceptional opportunity to the senior executives from the Telecom industry to further develop their leadership and technical skills. The program has especially been designed for the following. 

  • CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers from both public and private sectors.
  • High Impact, Fast Track potential leaders boasting more than 10 years of experience in the Telecom sector.

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