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Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (October 21st 2016) The 8TH Program for Advanced Leadership and Management (PALM) by MILE Madinah, makes its final grand closing on the ‘Meet Business Leaders in Madinah Forum’. The program was conducted this time in partnership with Namaaa Almounawarah which sponsored the participation of an impressive number of 25 Saudi potential leaders.

The KPI Institute is beyond excited to announce Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) as our new Knowledge Partner for Performance Improvement & KPI Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, taking place on 17th – 20th October, 2016. For more than 4 years, MILE has been an invaluable business partner. Together we have provided rich experiences and knowledge to our ever growing community of professionals. The Performance Improvement and KPI Conference represents a unique premiering event dedicated exclusively to Performance Management & KPIs in three important contexts. Government & Healthcare Performance along with Productivity, Quality & Innovation Performance are some of the most requested streams that The KPI Institute wanted to approach in this event.

(Madinah KSA, November 26, 2015) With rising competition in the market most businesses, today, find it very difficult to survive without proper leadership skills. This makes, Healthcare Excellence and an intense market penetration, vital factors for market survival to any healthcare organizations. The Madinah Institute For Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) recently hosted its 3rd successful Leadership Program for High Performance Health Organizations (HPHO). The event was based on 7 consecutive days of precious and highly interactive sessions addressed by top notch professional from internationally recognized leaders and consultants from the Healthcare Industry across the globe.

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